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I have seen people with their player icon as Wally, and others have said things such as seeing Steven, but I can't choose these icons....does anyone know how?
Edit: I already know how to change my character in profile settings, yet there are no options for Wally/Gym leaders (Yet I have seen them on PSS)

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Do you at least know how to change your avatar into a different person, such as random trainers you find strolling around?
I can change my public icon by going into my profile, but I only get the usual Hiker, Blackbelt, Ace Trainer, etc.
There are no Elite 4 or Wally, yet I just saw a guy with a Wally icon ( I Niced him!)
I noticed now. OK, just checking

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To me, most people on different sites say that they're hacked. I thought you can get them easily. Now, I realize that they must be hacked - or people would be using them non-stop. They would choose them over other random trainers. In X and Y, I could access them no problem, in ORAS. you might as well stick with what you have.

Sorry about that :( Hope this answer helped!

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Answered before you.
OK? Great!
I've seen pictures of a hacked Pokémon Centre icon… look it up.
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Step 1: Go to the PSS
Step 2: Click the folder thingy at the top of the Touch Screen
Step 3: Go to the second page
Step 4: Click on profile
Step 5: You should be able to click on your default icon or there should be a button to change it

I really hope I helped- SwagMeowth

Thanks. Close, but no cigar. Theres only options for normal characters, not gym leaders/Wally.
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You can change your icon by going to the folder thing on the PSS (left of the connect to internet button) once there scroll left and tap Profile. Tap on the button that has a head on it any your player name. Select Public Icon, and choose which one you want by scrolling left/right.