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Where can I find Gen V Tiers because I'm trying to make a team based on Tiers. Thanks if you find them.

I think that it may take a while.
Whatever site that has tiers up now was probably not thoroughly thought through.
Smogon is working on it, but it's all just discussions now. lt'll be up soon.

Don't worry about competetive play right now, just enjoy this game!
What's tiers?
Do you mean trainers?
... No, tiers as in rankings or groups of pokemon for competetive play.

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There are no tiers established yet. But if you want to choose Pokemon, I like to use the "500 base stat" rule. Usually anything above 500 total base stat will go in OU, below about 480 is usually safely in UU. In the middle could be either.

Darmanitan for example will almost certainly be OU, whereas Bisharp may be UU (because of low speed). There's a small possiblity that Chandlure and Volcarona will be Uber but probably not.

You can look at stats here: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/all

Beautiful answer of course by you, Pokemaster!
Definately the best! :D