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I am going to go to the official Pokemon tournaments this year, as in the ones with the January regionals coming up, and as I was building my team and looking across Pokebase, I came across tiers and sets that I had never heard of, and a lot of people knew about. I had already created my team of 6 out of completely original ideas. For example, I have a breloom in my team, and after looking around, I found a very common SUPPORTIVE breloom, while mine is attack based. My question is, do you think it is better for me to go by tiers and stuff like that, which I barely understand, or should I stick with original ideas to be unpredictable? I've never really known anything about teirs and stuff like that. So would people really be surprised when they get my Breloom's DynamicPunch to the face when they're excepting a substitute to come out?

Try this Breloom:
@Toxic Orb
Poison Heal
248HP Evs
252attk Evs
8spd evs

Focus punch
Seed bomb
Well if you could look at the Breloom I was planning on using one battle subway question, I'd appreciate it.

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There are no tiers for "official" tournaments. Tiers are something that are a fan-made creation, by Smogon & Pokemon Online, to make battling "fairer". Though, official tournaments will have banned Pokemon, e.g. Keldeo, Meloetta etc.

However, I can only assume that because you don't know about tiers, you don't do a lot of competitive battling. If this is your first time battling in doubles format, I would highly suggest you to reconsider your choices after consulting some team building articles. Double battles see moves that are not frequently used or never considered in single battles having very common usage. Additionally, a doubles team needs to have a goal, more so than a singles team does, otherwise your team will fall apart.

Additionally, as I answered on your question about Telekinesis, it's not a beneficial move, considering that you will get hit by all moves during Telekinesis is active, in addition to being not a very good move and only lasting 3 turns. There are much more useful moves Breloom could use, like Spore, Mach Punch, Bullet Seed, Swords Dance et. al that don't require any set up.

Smogon BW Articles - Double Battles
^ Read this for an introduction to doubles battling.

As for sets that are on this site, they're suggested because they work well (well most of them anyway). There are some moves that just aren't viable for a Pokemon, or are undesirable when compared with other moves and when taking into account their abilities/ stats. I would suggest you post your team on the battle subway section to get some help.

Sorry if this is stuff you already know, but since you said you didn't know about tiers, I thought it would be worthwhile to explain things.

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Thanks a lot. I've been into pokemon for I think about 5 years now, maybe a little less than that. I only learned about EV's a year ago or so, and I've never done competitive battling, but I do know a ton about pokemon individually, such as moves and a pokemon's best stat, so I felt like I'd be good at competitive battling. I will probably post my team on the battle subway, maybe tomorrow, so if you could take a look that'd be great. My type coverage isn't the best but I feel like my pokemon are really strong to the point where it doesn't matter TOO much. Of course, I'm probably wrong on that :/