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Now, it may sound like a dumb question, but I haven't played Pokemon Omega Ruby since the week after it came out. I recently remembered that I traded a cousin of mine for a Garvantula, and I don't know what Pokemon to breed it with in order to get Joltics galore :D. So, I was just curious if there was a way that you could bring a Pokemon back to a previous evolution.


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There is no such thing as devolution, except in the form of primal devolution, in which Groudon / Kyogre revert back to their original state when wielding the Blue / Red Orb respectively, but that doesn't really count. The only way to get a Pokemon back to "devolve" Pokemon is through breeding.
To breed a Joltik, you need to breed a female Galvantula with a male Pokemon the bug egg group, or you need to breed a Galvantula / Joltik with a Ditto.

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There is no way to bring back a certain Pokémon back to its evolution. You could breed that Pokémon with a ditto to get that Pokémon's previous form but other than that I don't see another way.

My rpoblem with the Ditto is that I'm not that far in the game and my cousin isn't going to give me his or catch me one, so...
Garvantula is in the egg group "Bug", so if you don't have a ditto you would need one of the opposite gender.