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I have Pokemon X, Omega Ruby and Ultra Moon.
So I want to know that are there any Pokemon without mythical that I can't get in these games ? And what are they?

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I just scrolled through Bulbapedia's list of Pokemon by availability, and it seems the only unobtainable ones are Dialga, Purrloin, Liepard, Spritzee, Aromatisse, Passimian, Turtonator, Solgaleo, Buzzwole, Kartana, and Blacephalon. The list is made weirdly, so I may have missed a few.
You will need to acquaint yourself with the Pokémon Stock Market. If you have UM and you can generate some strong assets in the form of legendaries, version exclusives, trade evolution Pokémon, shinies, any strong commodity, you'll be able to trade with other players and fill up the Dex. Even the mythicals if you're persistent.

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You can catch every Pokemon (upto gen6) between XY and ORAS
But as only X and Omega Ruby are available, there will be some exclusives :
- Yveltal
(Giratina can technically be caught in OR but requires Dialga which is unavailable)
(Thanks @sumwun for bringing it up)

The following Pokemon are only available if you have the friend safari for them :

Pokemon Ultra Sun exclusives which cannot be covered by X,OR and UM:

There are some Pokemon which can only be acquired by choice. For example, you can only get either a Tyrunt or Amaura. If you choose Amaura in XY, Tyrunt will become unavailable to you - however if you chose Tyrunt you would be able to get Amaura through UM.
Similar things apply to the Kanto starters you get in XY. This list does not take these Pokemon into account (as I don't know which ones you've chosen) so there many be a few more unavailable to you.

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I manually cross checked exclusives so I could be missing some..I'll add the sources later
Isn't Giratina also unobtainable with that combination of games?
Technically, you can get it in in Omega Ruby. However, it requires both Dialga and Palkia though....idk whether I should put it up or not
nvm I put it in brackets anyway thanks for letting me know
Also, Landorus needs Thunderus and Tornadus .
He can catch one of the two in OR, catch the other one in UM, and use both to encounter Landorus.