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I was planning to make a Pokémon sprites related question, but I stumbled upon these... things


For the life of me I can't recall ever meeting such trainers in all my years playing Pokémon, thus I'm pondering if they might be fake.

Do any of you know more about these?
Are they real?
What game are they from?
Is the N° 185 the champion from the fifth game?

Please let me know, I'm quite curious

This is the site where I got the sprites, so check it out if you'd like:


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enter image description here
This is Benga, the final trainer of Black Tower/White Treehollow in BW2.

The others are characters from Pokestar Studios from BW2. And there are many more equally strange and facinating sprites from across the movies. But sadly, you cant battle them in real battles and they aren't seen anywhere else.

Sources: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokéstar_Studios

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ok, we are getting somewhere.
Thanks Flafpert!
Could you dig up more info?
What kind of trainers are 170, 172 and especially 176?
170 is a mecha cop from the Full Metal Cop series (is that a Fullmetal Alchemist reference or a Robocop reference o?O)
172 is the alien invader queen from Invaders series.
176 is an Old Statue from Ghost Eraser series.
I see.
If you find more info on the Ledyba sprite, don't hesitate to edit your answer further!
The Ledian sprite is from a Pokestar movie series about a future where Pokemon control people, instead of the other way around!
I knew they would try to take over. >.> I believe it all started with a mass horde of intelligent Ditto.
Or ledian that reverse there Sr damage into you, and my god they get u turn, upon a switch in running scarf ledian you can kill something immedieatly after using u turn into another o: