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Blaziken and Breloom are both fighting type.
Am I still going to be using them against different Pokemon?
I know Blaziken is better against, for example, Ice and steel types, while Breloom does better against rock types. Is it worth it then? Or shouldn't I worry about having the same type twice?
Blaziken has a mega, so I'm just worried Breloom won't be used much.


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Not usually.

Both have almost too much in common,

  • Both are Fighting types i.e they have similar coverage and similar weaknesses. Of course I said similar which doesn't mean exactly the same, but there's no fun in "similar" either.
  • Both are horribly frail most of the time.
  • Both are physically oriented, which limits the coverage they can have.

Blaziken and Breloom both have one common goal as physical fighting types: hit hard, and hit fast. For Blaziken with it's speed and ability, and for Breloom with priority Mach Punch. They both do the same thing, and it's redundant to have that going. That slot could have been much better utilized. They even share a common Flying weakness, attracting Talonflames from across the globe.
People sometimes do run bulky SubSeed Breloom though (personally I still think that's too frail), and it might have some better use with Blaziken.

If you really want to use them together, then you should have good reasons to, otherwise it's rather pointless. There's always a better option most of the time.

However, if this is in-game, anything works. It wouldn't matter how unviable your team might sound in it, people have done it with Grumpigs and Luvdiscs before. Blaziken and Breloom are no exception.

Hope I helped!

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I'm only using them for in-game and competitive against my friend. So if they're frail doesnt matter in this case, I guess, and Physically oriented isn't a problem for me ingame and vs. my friend. My only concern is that I wont be using him ingame since I have Blaziken, because they're both fighting types.
I see you edited your comment. Thanks for the help! And btw, thanks for giving me this information. Who knows, it may help me in the future in competitive play :)
Yeah sry bout that long explanation, I'm very careless when it comes to noticing tags xP. And no problem :)
No, don't worry about it, I'm happy about the competitive advice.
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Actually, they might work well togetherm ecspecially in mono-type.
blaziken needs that helpful speed boost, so breloom can spore and blaziken gets speed boost without harm or protect. Also, they are grass and fire duo, perfect for coverage.
Personnally, I say go ahead, except for one problem. blaziken is in ubers and breloom's in OU, and in ubers, breloom is dead fungus. but, in mono-type it's awesome, except if blaziken is banned, then to bad.