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it gets extra bulk, monsterous attack, yet is slower, giving it more threats. is he really worth a teams mega-slot?


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I think mega garchomp is worth getting. When he megas, all of his stats increase except hp and speed. The hp stays the same but his speed lowers. I think speed doesn't really matter in this case. With a fast garchomp, you have much lower attack. I think if his speed stayed the same, garchomp would practically be overpowered. Garchomp's EV increased by 100 after mega - that's insanely good. If you really want a fast garchomp, try to get the nature "Jolly" for him. It increases speed and lowers sp. attack. It's great because you get a faster garchomp, plus he doesn't learn much special moves - more of a physical guy. Or, if this is too hard, give him a quick claw, so you can destroy your opponent early (if activated).
The point is, mega garchomp is worth having, if your a person who loves to focus on attack. In the end, you're barely losing anything.

Hope I helped! :)

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I like the idea of Mega Garchomp holding Quick Claw.
MEGA Garchomp.
As in Mega Stone.

Oops! Forget the idea about the quick claw, he can't hold it if he has a mega stone. Focus more on the nature. Sorry!
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Mega Garchomp is great and all, but I don't think it's something you should be too engrossed about. First of all, it's speed stat gets lowered from 102, to an average speed of 92. Many people don't realize it, but speed is one of the most important stats of the game. There are tons of Pokemon that have speeds in between 102 and 92, and that puts Mega Garchomp at a little at a disadvantage. Also, Garchomp has the more useful ability of Rough Skin, which could damage the foe on contact. Mega Garchomp has the ability Sand Force, which only raises Ground, Rock, and Steel type moves in a sandstorm, which means the ability can only be activated by a Pokemon with the ability Sand Stream, like Tyranitar or Gigalith. Mega Garchomp may have a high attack stat, but a Garchomp with a Life Orb would overtake Mega Garchomp on that. If you insist on having a Mega Garchomp, it's not like it's horrible, it just probably shouldn't be your top priority if you want one.