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i was making a M-Sablye set, and I noticed it has Oktazooka, yet I type it in on database, and it can't learn it. is this a glitch?

Was this hackmons?
no, the format was "None"

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This was not a glitch. There was an event where you could get a Sableye with Octazooka. Showdown lets you teach a Pokémon a move if they got it in an event (even if the event is over).

EDIT: Here is more information on "Chief Golgo's Sableye".
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Maybe, is was a previous sableye. Before, the nintendo wifi was on and people were allowed to design their own Pokemon based on generation 3 and 4. Since sableye is a generation 3 Pokemon, someone could of gave him this move - this theory only works if you got sableye by trade, rather than catching it.

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*could have