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When I put my Patrat in the daycare, it had cut for a move. When it came out, it was gone.

My point is, can Pokemon get rid of HM moves in Black and White?

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That's interesting. You are not able to delete HM moves yourself - think what would happen if you deleted Surf while surfing!

But you can take your pokemon to the Move Deleter in Mistralton City to forget a move. You can do it there because you are in a "controlled" situation and you can't get stuck anywhere.

It sounds like the same thing goes at the daycare. If an HM is deleted in the daycare there is no way to get stuck.

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I'll try it again to see if it works!
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Yes in EVERY pokemon game there is a guy who deletes HMs. So I think you could assume yes. Like pokemaster said.

My pokemon got rid of a HM in a daycare! I asked how it did it, not where I could do it. READ!!! :B
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