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E.g. Sableye.

Its normal ability is Risk Taker, and activates randomly upon matching 3 or more in a row.
Its mega ability erases tiles in an O-shape, and activates upon matching 3 or more in a row.

So can Sableye's Risk Taker even in its mega form?


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I don't know about all Pokemon, but as far as I know, probably. For example, audino is the first mega. The Pokemon can gradually do more damage while having a longer chain. When he megas, his ability triggers, but sometimes does extra damage. For sableye, I think risk taker wouldn't work as often because it's pretty hard to tell when playing. I've seen risk taker work many times, but not often when mega. I started late, so I only have 5 mega stones. But as far as I know, yes!

Hope this helped! :)

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If you're still confused, I can look up more information. :)
Sorry but I want a definite answer.
E.g. when Sableye's normal ability triggers, it will usually say in the top screen "Sableye's Risk Taker activated" or something of a similar ilk.
When sableye megas, every time you line up 3+, it will activate his mega and it will say it on top too. But, I'm pretty sure "Risk Taker" wont activate, since his mega ability is much more powerful. It only would activate permanently if you have him as one of your 3 support pokemon
I dont think the ability can activate, ive tried it with different megas and none worked. I could just be really unlucky, but some abilities (like power of four, etc) that happen for sure didnt happen for me in mega form.
Thank you both; the screen is too busy so I tried to check myself, but wasn't 100% sure if that was the case.