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It has a gender, and legendaries don't have one. And besides, other non-legends have a base of 600.

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How does that prove anything.


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Yes it is. Legendaries don't need to be genderless. Plenty of them like the Lati duo have a gender. Base 600 is also a bad indicator. Plenty of other legendary Pokemon have base 600, and some even lower, for example the legendary birds who reach 580.

There aren't any specific requirements for legendary Pokemon.

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but heatran is encountered more than one times in the animay once in jewel of life as the evil man who tries to kill arceus has one as well as having a minor appearance in the lily of the Vally entry Que.
it wouldn't make much sense if there was just one heatran to to trainers and besides, ash and co made no mention of heatran in the minor appearance in Lilly of the Vally and made little excitement in jewel of life like legendary pokemon usually do
Sorry but I don't understand how that proves anything. As I said, there are no actual requirements for legendary Pokemon. I never said there can only be one Heatran.
that is a good point, but i also would have thought that ash and co would have made a bigger deal out of it, in jewel of life they just treated heatran like that bronzong the evil man had and the heatran in the Que was just standing there like any other trainers pokemon, even if it was a mythical pokemon like phiony, it would still be marveled or at least one of the company like dawn or ash would have looked up heatran on the pokedex.
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Yes it is. It's a unique encounter and there is only 1 per game.

Other legendaries have gender too, like Latios & Latias

And other legendaries have a stat total of 600, like Jirachi & Mew.

But at the end of the day if GameFreak says it is, then it is.