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You know Mind Reader+Sheer Cold? I want those listed. All of them. I'm talking all Pokemon who can: learn an OHKO move and a guaranteed "hit" move like lock on. My dumb friends have no idea...they said "we don't use legenaries to op", I say let the ohko's rack up. I know the strategy is flawed, you can get around it, it's very cheap, blah blah blah idc. Give it to me baby XP

Take note that poliwrath got mind reader fissure in gen 2
Thank you Tad...so there are others...
But not really usable competitively because of the lack of pentagon

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Articuno is the only Pokemon that can learn a always hitting move and a OHKO move in Mind Reader and Sheer Cold. No other Pokemon have Mind Reader or Lock-On (the only other guaranteed hitting move) and a OHKO move. Simple as that. The sa
Source: http://pokemondb.net/tools/moveset-search

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It took my answer two hours to process     WOW
Thank you!
You're missing smeargle
Certainly Smeragel gets the combo but not from levelling up. Since Smeralge get all moves I didn't considered it necessary to include Smeargle.
smeragel, smeralge and smeargle
maķe up your mind
Lol ok Articuno then
I think you forgot about the polis exept for poliwag knowing mind reader and fissure.
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only Articuno and smeargle can pull this off

Source http://www.serebiiforums.com/archive/index.php/t-294387.html

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