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I decided I want to playthrough Pokemon x/y one more time again. only that I was thinking about using TYRANITAR and DRAGONITE on the same in-game team.
I know that they're both psuedo legendaries, but will my team be overpowered in-game or is it ok?

X/Y is ridiculously easy. But I don't think you'll overpowered, because Ttar and Dragonite both evolve at level 55 i.e you will be almost at the Elite Four's doorstep by then, if you are steadily leveling up and not just plucking a Dragonite from your friend from the very beginning.
its easy because of exp share.But the game actually hard if u dont use exp share at all.
I didn't use exp. share, yet the game was still far from difficult.

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Of course, you want to use the strongest pokes don't you, but Qwerty is right you won't need them XY is pretty easy as is. Choose the Pokémon you'll have the most fun with.
Hope I helped