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Combee has three faces, all combined together into one Pokemon
Combee also is in the shape of a honeycomb.
Is the comb in Combee both for combine and honeycomb?

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Most likely, Combee does not come from both words. While it does have elements of both, the entymology for the name Combee is exclusively Honeycomb + Bee. Combine does fit into the word Combee, but that is just a coincidence.

For example, Castform is a fusion of Forecast + Form. However, the tern Overcast also fits into the name. However, Castform was not named after overcast.

TL;DR Probably not, but possibly.

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According to this site, it says its a mix of honeycomb and bee (you can view it here, combee is #415)

According to Bulbapedia, it says:

Combee is based on honeycombs and honeybees.

(This page)

So it seems to be based on honeycomb and (honey)bee , but if combine was part of the name origin, it would make sense, since yes, they do have three faces combined together. It seems that it was only based on honeycomb, though.

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