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King's Rock gives attacking moves a 10% chance to flinch your opponent. Sheer Force removes the additional benefits of a move to increase the damage. I have a Sheer Force Nidoking that knows Megahorn and Sucker Punch. If it is true that a King's Rock adds a flinch chance on moves like these, will the increased damage apply from Sheer Force? Essentially, Sheer Force benefits for moves that would not ordinarilly apply, such as Aqua Tail, X- Scissor, or Feint Attack, while holding a King's Rock.


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The answer is "No." It will not apply. I assume the reason is that the King's Rock flinch chance applies after damage has been done. Nidoking with Sheer Force using Strength still Flinches; doesn't apply Sheer Force to Strength. Interesting question nonetheless.