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why did they make wifi trading and many things unusable in gen 4 and gen 5?

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Game companies often discontinue online features for older games after a while. This usually happens because they want customers to purchase a newer game or system, which were both the case when the 3DS and X/Y released.

Keeping online features running for old games requires additional servers, and costs companies more money than only having online for the latest games.

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It is strange that the wifi shut down, but there could different reasons why:

  1. Game Freak no longer makes any games on DS, therefore they shut it down so everyone would move on to 3DS.
  2. They could've shut it down because it was too hacked. Before, you could spawn any Pokemon with any move and into your game. Now, since the wifi shutdown, they made the action replay so you can access it by code.

Two reasons I could think of.

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Another reason could be financial difficulties
True! I was thinking of that, but that seems something that you should already assume.
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nintendo actually shut down all ds game servers

server shutdown notice on this site