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Alright, say I've got a German Aipom with its default name for that territory (Griffel). If I train it until it evolves, does it become a standard English-named Ambipom, a German-named Ambipom (Ambidiffel), or does it just stay "Griffel"?

I've been wondering this because I would be disappointed knowing that its name would in reality be Aipom in another language if it evolved into an Ambipom named Griffel...but I've never known for sure.


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It will change to Ambipom. the game will revert languages to whatever language is set for the person. If it is nicknamed it will stay tho.

Source: I had a Japanese Ivysaur that evolved.

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Your Aipom(Griffel) will evolve into Ambipom, without a foreign name, though you're free to nickname it Ambidiffel. Since it's from Germany, I suspect it will keep the German mark on it, though.

Can't nickname a Pokemon that doesn't have your OT.