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I'm planning to build a singles team on showdown around him and I was wondering if I would get rekt.

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For sure. One of the better Mega Pokemon in OU, in fact. For a number of reasons:

  • Access to Dragon Dance, which turns it into a very threatening sweeper stacked on top of Touch Claws. It also gets Roost which extends its longevity and allows it to heal off Stealth Rock damage. This Pokemon is a massive threat as a late-game cleaner.
  • Dragon / Fire is probably one of the best offensive typings of the entire game. It hits every type for at least neutral damage, and paired with Earthquake, nothing in OU resists all three of these offensive moves bar Air Balloon Heatran. Of course, there are Pokemon that can beat Charizard due to bulk and because they survive all its attacks (e.g. Azumarill, Mega Altaria), but if you can weaken them, Charizard becomes very difficult to stop.
  • It's a Fire-type physical attacker, which gives it an advantage as it's immune to burns. This means that passive Will-O-Wisp and Scald users are setup fodder for Charizard.
  • It's not frail like many sweepers of its kind. Its special side could use some improvement, but it reaches base 111 Defence, which gives it a lot of natural resistance to physical attacks, making it difficult to revenge kill.
  • Great base 130 Attack, which makes it especially difficult to switch into combined with its basically flawless coverage of the tier.
  • The existence of Charizard Y lets it bluff being a special attacker. The opponent doesn't know what it is for sure until you click the Mega Evolve button, which gives you some control over how the opponent plays. By holding off the Mega, you also have a different set of weaknesses and resistances, which could help you set up. For example, Fire / Flying is better than Fire / Dragon as a defensive typing against Garchomp, as it can't use Earthquake and you aren't weak to its Dragon attackers.

Before you just throw it onto a team, keep in mind some of its flaws that you'll need to cover up with your team.

  • Stealth Rock weakness, which is especially problematic as it has to switch in as standard Charizard before it evolves, losing 50% of its health. Once Mega evolved, it still loses 25%. A Pokemon that has Defog or Rapid Spin is incredibly useful to Charizard.
  • "Four moveslot sydrome". Charizard-X has 5 moves that it appreciates on its set; Dragon Dance, Dragon STAB, Fire STAB, Roost and Earthquake. You can't have all these on your set, so which ones you choose will be based on what your team needs Charizard-X to do. Perhaps you have an issue with Electric types? Earthquake might be more useful. Does you team lack a hazard clearer? Maybe Roost might help more.
  • Base 100 Speed, which is alright but it means every Choice Scarf user above base 100 still outspeeds it after one Dragon Dance boost. This means you're under pressure to get the second Dragon Dance boost if your opponent has a fast Choice Scarf Pokemon.
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Yeah, i built the team and it is bar to impossible to beat like people constantly forfeit. And i nickname my charizard solaris to trick people into thinking its megazard Y
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Totally viable, just watch out for stealth rocks. He can even go mixed with 130/130 offenses, though obviously not fully special. Here's a sample I like though
[email protected] naive nature
-dragon dance
-flare blitz/fire blast
-dragon pulse/outrage/dragon claw