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So I was in the chat room a couple of days ago and I saw that someone was talking about a Zangoose that had 6IV. He later realized that it only had 5IV. I never thought about it for a while, then It came back to my head, and I thought, "What in the world is that?" So I looked it up in the Eeveepedia (Not the Wikipedia) and coudln't find out what it meant.

I thought it over and let it roll in my head for a while until I decided I needed to ask someone other that trying to search it up in the Eeveepedia.

So if I were to have a Pokemon with 6IV, what does IV mean?


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IVs are known as Individual Values. They are random numbers given to a Pokemon in each stat. They are capable of increasing a stat of your Pokemon. The highest an IV is 31, which is considered to be 1 IV. If all of the stats (HP, Attack, Speed, etc.) had 31 IVs, it'd be known as a 6IV Pokemon. IVs do more than that though! They determine Spinda's spot pattern, Wurple's evolution, and what hidden power type you have!

However, IVs are completely random when you find the Pokemon in the wild. To get good IV Pokemon, you could find a Ditto from a friend that has 6IVs. They're floating around everywhere here on Pokemon DB. Give it a Destiny knot and breed it it the Pokemon you want to have good IVs.

In order to get good IVs on a breeded Pokemon, the other parent is recommended to have high IVs as well.

You gave me an answer and then some! Thank you!
No problem! I edited my answer because I found some spelling errors haha but I'm glad I helped! Good luck getting a good IV Pokemon (if thats what you're planning to do)
Where does it show the IVs?
You can find them out by the IV judge.