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I noticed people don't like goomy. why? he is the pre evo of my fav Pokemon.


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Most Logical Reason: Goomy looks nothing like a Dragon.

enter image description here

The Dragon type is known for such ferocious monstrosities as Hydreigon, Palkia, Dragonite, and Salamence. Goomy has literally no Dragon-like qualities, being a pink-purple slug making it more akin to the Poison type. Many people do not like how Goomy has basically butchered the Dragon's reputation. Look at this equation:

enter image description hereGoomy = Dragon
enter image description hereCharizard ≠ Dragon

If Goomy can earn the title of Dragon and Charizard can't, what's the point of him? (Note that this is your typical genwunner argument). Charizard literally looks like a dragon. Goomy looks like a snail. And snail ≠ dragon.

If you guys hate goomy because it does not look like a dragon, then you should hate kingdra(though I hate to say it), altaria, and bagon, who also don't look like dragons.
Altaria's just a girly variant of a dragon
+1 for the cute lil' pic X3
Stellar, let me tell you something........IT LOOKS LIKE A STINKING BIRD!!!
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Goomy eventually evolves into Goodra after passing Sliggoo. I don't see why it's any problem because most 1st evolution Pokemon are like this. People may not like it because his base stat total is only 300 - pretty low. But, his abilities and moves learnt aren't bad at all. Other Pokemon have worst. Goomy has a wide variety of moves and power which makes him really good.
But, I think some people don't like him because of the fact that he evolves at lvl. 40 (pretty high), but it shouldn't be too hard since his growth rate is unknown.

Hope I helped! :)