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Why do a lots of people hate gen. 5?
Is it the Pokemon?
Is it the region?
...or the mechanics I don't really know

Leave your answers down below!

dude i love gen 5.
Generation 5 introduced the most Pokemon of any generation. I've heard people complaining that they suffered from the "quantity over quality" problem, so (in their opinion) a lot of the new Pokemon weren't designed well or were useless.
Clearing flags. This isn’t opinionated, just asking for a perspective to be explained.

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Honestly, that's a subjective question. I don't really see the hate surrounding the games, and actually really like them a lot myself. That said, there are a few things that might affect how people perceive the games.

  • Nostalgia. This is by far the biggest factor here, in my opinion. A lot of the previous games bring about a sense of nostalgia that the majority of the current players don't associate with the relatively new games. A few years from now, we will hear from players whose first games were B/W, much like how we hear about RBY or GSC or RSE.

  • Console: this is a big factor too. RBY were the original, but after that each new generation made use of a newer, better console. The evolution to Gameboy Colour to Gameboy Advance and finally the NDS makes it special for the players , a lot of whom bought them specifically for the Pokemon games (like me). Black and White didn't do that. They continued on the same NDS route but by then a lot of the charm had worn off. X/Y changed the game again by making it compatible only with the 3DS so the cycle starts again. ORAS is popular because they're remakes, not because they're incredibly good as standalone titles (although they're good, there's definitely some nostalgia that boosts its popularity)

Off the top of my head these were two reasons I thought were most likely the cause. Of course, I don't agree wholeheartedly with the question, and actually think the features and gameplay in Unova are very good and a major step up from the previous. I really like Black and White, because the characters were really interesting, as was the storyline.

Also the ‘Hate Garbodor!’ and ‘Hate Fire/Fighting starters!’ bandwagon, which was kinda dumb.
I don't see a problem with any of the Fire/Fighting starters as their own Pokemon, but it was really frustrating getting 3 generations in a row where the Fire starter became Fire/Fighting.

Another factor in the Gen 5 dislike is there are quite a few Pokemon that have, as it has been described, "unimaginative" designs.  Vanillite is adorable, but Vanilish and Vaniluxe are rather bland.  I imagine this is what people actually mean when they say they "hate Garbodor".
It really bugs me when people say “this Pokémon is dumb” or “this Pokémon makes no sense” or “this design is terrible” when they don’t even know what the Pokémon is based on and how it got its design.
*Dumb in the sense it made some people dismissive of the entire generation. It would be the first thing they bring up with any mention of Gen 5.
Forgetting conveniently how weird the Pokemon designs in the previous generations were. To quote the standard counter argument, if Garbodor is a trash can, then Exeggcute is a bunch of eggs.
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In my opinion, the biggest reason is a few somewhat irrelevant factor and mechanincs.

1. The "I hate xy thing" bandwagons. I read here an answer's comment wich mentions these ‘Hate Garbodor!’ and 'Hate Fire/Fighting starters!’ bandwagons, wich are kinda dumb of course, but there's probably a reason behind them, see the second point.

2. The reason of the previously mentioned bandwagons. If we check a few Unova pokémon, it turns out there's a bit too many of them based on inanimate objects (compared to other generations), and most of them are totally the objects you didn't expected, and the creators probably thought "there's anything can be a pokémon!" For example: Vanillite/Vanillish/Vanilluxe (ice cream), Trubbish/Garbodor (thrash bags *insert facepalm here), etc.

3. Minor pointless logic. For example, Golurk can learn Fly (how and why? *insert double facepalm here), Durant has Truant as Hidden Ability, and Deino evolves into Zweilous at level 50, then into Hydreigon at level 64. The only reason why I'm mentioning Hydreigon's evolution, if you noticed, none of other pseudo-legendaries reach their second form before level 50 and final form before level 55. And most of all pseudo-legendaries' first form could be caught between the middle and the end of the game. But Deino (in B/W) and Zweilous (in B2/W2) is only obtainable on the Victory Road! So probably these are the biggest reasons why Hydreigon is the (probably) most unpopular pseudo-legendary. And yes, Hydreigon's evolution level, growth rate and obtainment annoyed me the most, wich are absolutely nosense.

Well, that's my list, feel free to expand it with your other reasons! ;D

Golurk has rockets on its feet.
Ok thanks ;D
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A lot of people like the gen 5 games, including me, since in this generation of Pokémon fans, many people started with these games. However other people claim that a big problem with gen 5 is the Pokémon. Common complaints are “fire-fighting starters are getting old” or “why does Garbodor and Vanilluxe exist” or even “they’re running out of ideas”. Also some people don’t like how many legendary and mythical Pokémon there are, more than any other gen. I’ve heard that people don’t like how many Pokémon were introduced, and that they’re just so dumb and lazy or the genwunner’s comment of “they’re ripping off gen 1 like boldore and woobat”.
Idk, that’s just my take on it.