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I know that this question is kind of overdue with black and white pretty much ancient history at this point but I've just always wondered why almost no one seems to have a positive opinion of the little red monkey
(I do understand it's not that great competitively)

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Is this question against the rules? People like and dislike different Pokemon for different reasons, so there's really no definite answer.
I guess you could answer with a collation of reasons people might dislike a Pokémon. Some of it might be founded on subjectivity, but it’s also possible to notice what others are saying and report on that in a factual way.
It’s definitely edging the boundaries of what I would allow, though.
Thank you and I'm now officially embarrassed

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Simisear isn't a great Pokemon is PU, mainly outclassed by other fire type. You may say it has good speed stats and Nasty Plot. But it is weak to SR and easy to revenge kill. It's stats aren't defensive,it is easy to KO simisear using a faster Pokemon.
Unocal introduced a lot of Pokemon, but their designs are sucking. No one wish to use two ice cream cone, a trash Pokemon, everyone hates them. Simisear 's design isn't good, It look likes a fat angry monkey. So everyone hates Simisear

Whut? I loved the Unovan Pokemon. :P
Some of them looks good, such as Oshawott, Emolga, Snivy etc but they aren't very good on competitive (without Snivy and Mienfoo in LC)
Hydreigon was an Unovan Pokemon wasn't it? BOSS!!
Can someone edit this to have proper grammar ? This is painful to read.