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I never really had a Bidoof long enough to train or bond with it, but I've seen so many videos, chat rooms, memes, and blogs and such hating on it! Do Bidoof have really horrible moves and stats or something?

Can some moderator choose the best answer for me? I don't know which to choose..

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It's a (BI-)DOOF!
Lol xD

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Well look at it for a moment
It really does look like a derp to most people. That's probably them ain reason.
Also yeah, it has horrible stats
Also. In Pokemon Rangers Shadows of Almia. IT'S CRY IS SO DAMN ANNOYING xD

Oh god, I remember its cry used to annoy the heck outta me!
And people hate on that xD
Bidoof is actually not that bad watch that video
I haven't played Shadows of Almia.
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It's probably because so many people think it looks weird or something like that. I personally trained a Bibarel in Platinum and it was cool. Surf, Amnesia, Body Slam, and Rollout is a good moveset.

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Bidoof is the annoying wood land creature of the Sinnoh region. It has next to no use in game and competitively. Its nothing more than annoyance that you must face countless times over. Personally I like Bidoof.

But most people are okay with the other woodland creatures like Lilipup and Zigzagoon, though.
People are different and opinions differ. They are not known as the "annoying woodland creatures" for nothing. To add, Bidoof (at the time) was one of if not the worst of them all Just look at it's face: it just scream "herp derp".
True dat u.u
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I has horrible stats and moves. What it is really good for is an HM slate.It knows a lot of them, so you can pop nearly all of them on one Pokemon.