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I wanted to play every single Pokemon game, and catch tons of Pokemon, to move them to the next game, so I can at least try and catch them all. I was gonna start with Fire Red, but no one had it for sale, and I coincidentally found Heartgold for like $20 at the peddler in the mall. Well, after beating it, I realized I can get to Kanto. What I want to know is, for someone like me, who is wanting to beat all the game play and transfer all my Johto and Kanto Pokemon to my my Alpha Sapphire game, is beating Kanto in Heartgold all the same?

My questions:

1-Does Kanto in Heart Gold have all the same stories and game play that you would have in R/B/Y?

2-Recommendation, would you play Kanto in Fire Red, or in Heartgold?!?

3-If I do play Fire Red, is it easy to transfer my Pokemon to Heartgold or Alpha Sapphire?!

4-What are the major differences? For some reason, nowhere has any info, even though it seems like a great question.

*I get I can do the gym leaders from the 8 cities and catch the same Pokemon, but I am wondering if this is 100% the same (minus being Ash and starting in Pallet with a charmander, squirtle, or bulbasaur, and rearranged for my new character to start in Vermilion).

As much as I am focused on Pokemon and badges, I really want to play story lines to get from gym to gym, face my nemesis, and do things like the Snorlax, Caves, and mystery things?!? Like is all that type of stuff in there, including Mewtwo? I mean does it play out like it would in Fire Red?

The Kanto region is there, but a lot of the storyline from FireRed and LeafGreen is absent. So no, they're not the same. Gen 3 and Gen 1 Kanto is better. And you can transfer Pokemon, but no, it's not easy. You'll need to install some apps from the eShop, play annoying minigames, etc. It'll take a while.

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They're not the same no, you'll still encounter a lot of Kanto specific Pokemon there but they're not the same and they're not meant to be, the Kanto in HeartGold is meant to be an aged version as time has passed between Gen I & Gen II (the same goes for the remakes).

With that said though, you're probably not going to want to transfer Pokemon all the way up through your games, you can't just go from HeartGold to AlphaSapphire, you have to go through each game released in the series, it will take you an age! As it's limited to 6 at a time in certain games.

Good News though, if you want to catch 'em all, you can catch most of the 718 available just within X&Y and ORAS, you can trade for the rest over the GTS.

Additionally, Pokemon can be moved between X&Y and ORAS on mass using the Pokemon Bank app or you can trade directly between the games, much quicker than trading up through each gen.

I already owned Sapphire, but I went and bought X. 6th gen was what I truly wanted. A game to grind slowly and catch a ton of Pokemon, and I can spread out all those Pokemon between Sapphire and X.  Then I can play the stories from the old games, and maybe transfer a few special ones. I plan on playing Fire-Red, Platnium and BW1 and 2, later, or when I have a chance to buy them. But yeah I plan to play X, then Sapphire.

I read all the info I needed.