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Help. My opponent claims that Kecleon's Triple Smash can only do 10x2+20 more damage for each heads. However, is it not 10x2+20x2 for each heads? Because Kecleon can be any color his attack is automatically doubled? My opponent claims only the first 10 damage is doubled. Please help us clear this matter up. Thanks.

Are you talking about TCG?
This is for TCG.

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The attack does 10 base damage, plus 20 for each heads.

So, if you flipped two out of three heads, you have the 10 guaranteed damage, 20 damage, and 20 more damage.

10+20+20 = 50

For two heads, this attack does 50 damage.

For one head, it'd only be one 20, and for three heads; three 20s. the 10 at the beginning is the base damage of the attack, meaning if you get NO heads (You unlucky mess!), the attack will still do 10 damage.

Will: yes that is the card. I don't think your answer takes into account that Kecleon's poke-body allows him to be any color type. Which means if you take the first total damage and apply weakness the opponent's pokemon gets hit with 10+10+20+20=60 per heads. If you apply weakness, does it not double the damage according to the rule book? In some cases you may double and add +20 or x 20! Thanks any way Will.
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If he changes his type and runs into resistance or weakness damage, then you apply it to the total damage, not each individual attack.

If Kecleon was a Water-type and used Triple Smash on a Grass-type card (Like Weepinbell from R/S Sapphire set, for example), and then landed two heads out of three, resulting in what would normally be 50 damage total, the resistance (-30 Water) would knock down Kecleon's attack to only 20.

Sorry about leaving that part out. It's a known rule in the TCG to account resistances/weaknesses after damage has been calculated, so I left out general info like that. I'll be more perceptive from now on. :)
Thank you, Will...your elaboration has made life easier for us to understand these multitude of rules.
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