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decent speed.

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Here are the reasons why Haxorus never made it back to OU:

  • The introduction of Fairy types. The sole reason due to which many previously lethal Dragons now rot, and Haxorus is no exception.
  • Introduction of Mega Pokemon that can do it's job better.
  • The increase in the metagame's speed with the fanfare of new Megas, namely Manectric, Charizard and Pinsir. Thus it was always forced to run Scarf sets.
  • It's bulk was no longer sufficient to take hits.
  • New and improved priority, in Talonflame's Brave Bird, Pinsir's Quick Attack/Feint etc threatened its Scarfed sets and hampered it's revenge killing/sweeping efficiency.
  • Being outclassed by Mega Charizard X.
  • Old threats like Mamoswine and other Ice type move still haunted it to boot.

Those are some of the most major reasons, I may have missed some though.
Hope I helped!

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