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I got my account a few years ago because of that "Under 13" thing, can I change the e-mail to my e-mail?


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Yes if you log in to your account you should see a row on the left side with:
'Your user name'
'Profile overview'
'Pgl settings'
'Pokémon TCG online settings'
'Play! Pokémon settings'
If you click the 'profile overview' tag you should get a new page with all your profile info. Underneath 'user name' there will be a box with your current e-mailadress. You can delete what is written there and typ your new e-mail adress. Then click the 'save' button on the bottom of the page.
Hope this helps.

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It wont work!
If you follow my steps don't forget to click the save button. After that you will receive an e-mail on the new address that you just entered. You will have to verify that new e-mail address. Did you verify your e-mail address?
I clicked on the change box with the e-mail, all it did was highlight it , when I pressed backspace, nothing happened
Make sure you are in the 'profile overview page' then click insinde de box with the e-mail adress. You don't need to click a change button. You can highlight all the text and then press delete/backspace or you can type a new letter.  If that doesn't work try a new internet browser, I'm using 'safari' on my ipad. You can find a drifferent broweser by typing it's name in your current browser an download it. If all this doen't work them there is something wrong just contact their customer service you can find the link at the buttom of the page in a black box.
It might be the settings I had when I registered...