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I'm needing to reset all stuff on my CPU, and that will delete my teams, so I need to make a backup that will not be deleted with the reset.


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Here is how to save all of your teams.

You will need: Pokémon Showdown, USB Drive

Step 1: Plug the USB into you computer.
Step 2: Open Pokémon Showdown!
Step 3: Open the Teambuilder and select the right team.
Step 4: Select "Export".
Step 5: Copy the entire team and paste it onto a Word/Pages document.
Step 6: Repeat for every team.
Step 7: Put the Word/Pages document in the USB.

Voila! All of your teams in one spot.

If you don't have a USB drive: Do all of the above steps, but instead paste the teams into an email and send it to yourself.

what about the backup/ restore teams button?
I guess that would work too, but I've never used it so don't quote me :P
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First, you'll need to copy information about your Pokemon team. At the upper right corner, it should say "Import/Export". Click it. Then highlight the information and copy it using Ctrl + C.

Then, go to pastebin.com. You will be able to paste the information from earlier on to pastebin.

Finally, click "Submit". You now have your own team information on a website.
Copy the URL and send yourself an E-mail with the URL. You can transfer multiple teams this way.

Hope I helped!

Source: Experience