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As most of you know, those rainbows grant fevers that allow you to battle and potentially catch really strong Pokemon and rarer Pokemon that are difficult to obtain. But is there a set way to farm these rainbow stacks like by going to areas were you already caught every Pokemon available or by beating a high tier boss?

The reason I think that going to a place where you already caught every pokemon works is because when you get late in the game and just need an Entei or something that you can only really get with fevers and super fevers it'll be a huge pain to get, and all these freemium games that have showed up are makin' me think that Nintendo isn't being cruel.
They're really rare? lol I got like 3 in a row a week ago i've. gotten about 7.. oh and none of my fevers have been on a map i had all pokemon on (at that time)
I get them what seems to be every other time :\
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What is a Rainbow Stack?
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A rainbow "stack" is another rainbow added, the highest I've ever gotten was 3 rainbows, and then I got a Super Fever off of it

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Since rainbows are completely random, then rainbow stacks would be completely random. You sometimes get rainbows when you receive a high combo, beat the level in a quick time, capture new Pokemon, etc. Rainbows are very basic to get. To get rainbow stacks, you need to repeat this process a couple of times. Sometimes - after you get one rainbow - your chance to getting more rainbows is slight more difficult, but doesn't seem impossible. The whole idea of these rainbows is random. Following more and more to get a total of 3 rainbows would take a lot of time, but you get use to it. There is not definite way to trigger this process. Just based on your gameplay.

Source (partial ideas + own experience): http://www.serebii.net/rumbleworld/travel.shtml

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