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Example: Inkay is the only Pokemon that evolves by flipping the ds upside down.


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inkay (flip ds upside down) malamar
magmar (trade holding magmarizer) magmortar
electabuzz (trade holding electrizer) electrivire
shelmet (trade with karrablast) accelgor
karrablast (trade with shelmet) escavilier
eevee (have 2 hearts in Pokemon amie and a fairy move) sylveon
eevee (level up by mossy rock) leafeon
eevee (level up by icy rock) glaceon
tyrouge (atk> def at level 20) hitmonlee
tyrouge (def> atk at level 20) hitmonchan
tyrouge (atk= def at level 20) hitmon top
mantyke (remoraid in party) mantine
nincada (empty slot in party) shedinja
feebas (beauty) milotic
sligoo (in rain) goodra
pancham (dark type Pokemon in party) pangoro
spritzee (trade holding sachet) aromatisse
swirlix (trade holding whipped dream) slurpuff
dusclops (trade holding reaper cloth)
happiny (daytime, holding oval stone) chansey
aipom (learn double hit) ambipom
gligar (night, holding razor fang) gliscor
sneasel (night, holding razor claw) weavile
wurmple (random, depends on personality) cascoon/ silcoon
burmy (female, in caves) wormadam [sandy cloak]
burmy (female, in buildings) wormadam [trash cloak]
burmy (female, outside) wormadam [grass cloak]
lickytung (learned rollout) lickilicky
ryhdon (trade holding protector) rhyperior

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Shedinja isn't an evolution. It's a Pokemon exclusive to capturing a Nincada.
Tyrunt needs to level up in the day
It isnt the only pokemon that needs to lvl up in the day
Oh, I thought it meant all they special ways
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Inkay: Flipping the DS upside down
Tyrogue: Attack > Defense
Tyrogue: Attack < Defense
Tyrogue: Attack = Defense
Sylveon: 2♥ Affection in Pokémon Amie, knowing Fairy move
Mantyke: with Remoraid in party
Feebas: Max Beauty
Karrablast: Trade with Shelmet
Shelmet: Trade with Karrablast
Pancham: Level 32, with a Dark type Pokémon in party
Sliggoo: Level 50, during rain
I have include only the unique evolutions, not ones like rhydon because you have to trade it holding an item, but it is the only Pokemon that evolves by holding the protector in a trade.
If you want me to include the Pokemon like rhydon, tell me in a comment on my answer.

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