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Excluding Pokemon that evolve through happiness.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the Pokemon have to be from stage one and evolve to stage three without leveling up at all. If there are no Pokemon like that, then you can answer with that. I'm sorry for any confusion caused.

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Just one(if I understand correctly. You mean like, you can get a final evo without leveling up at all from the unevolved Pokemon right)
The porygon line
Porygon->Porygon2 (Up-Grade)
Porygon2->Porygon-z(Dubious disc)

Sources:this,this, this, and experience,

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Now that you've ruled out all except the first evolution, there is only one.

Pokemon that evolve while trading with an item:

Porygon (Pokémon)

Porygon evolves while trading with the Upgrade, and is the only first evolution to evolve while trading with an item.

Source, and remembering what I put in my answer to ~megaltaria~'s question

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