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1IV = ?
31 IV=?

Say a greninja has minimum attack. (95 with 0 IVs in atk)And another greninja has the same atk stat but with 1 more atk IV, how much difference in atk do they have?

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It really depends on the level.All I know is that at level 100,1IV=1 stat point

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At Level 100

1 IV = 1 stat point

I'll use your Greninja example.

enter image description here | 0 IVs | 95 Base Attack (+0 points)
enter image description here | 1 IV | 96 Base Attack (+1 point)
enter image description here | 31 IVs | 126 Base Attack (+31 points)

At Level 50

IVs affect stats a bit differently at Level 50. Every other IV boosts the stat by one point. For example, 30 IVs in Attack are the same as 31 IVs in Attack. However, as soon as any EVs are put into that 30 IV stat, you ultimately lose a stat point.

enter image description here | 30 IVs | 252 EVs | 146 Attack
enter image description here | 31 IVs | 252 Evs | 147 Attack

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Nice answer bro +1! You should probably add that IVs are only important in competitive battling.
I presumed this question was geared towards competitive.
Thanks! And lol, you didn't have to mention IVs are only important in competitive battling. I'm smart enough to know that :)