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I just hatched a shiny Wooper for competitive battling. I have a problem though. It only has 4 31 IVs: Attack,Def.,Sp.Attack,and Speed
Its gonna have a careful nature and EV spread
252 HP / 252Sp.Def / 4 Def
does it matter if 2 stats are not perfect?

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IVs are very important ror competitive battling, because they can provide up to 31 whole stat points, but 4 perfect IVs is considered pretty good. In this case though, a couple of the max IVs are in stats that aren't so important for a Wooper/Quagsire. Because your Quagsire is going to be a specially defensive Quagsire, you would want max IVs in Special Defense, and because Quagsire is very slow, the IVs in Speed won't help all that much. Also, because you have a Careful nature the Special Attack IVs are useless.
So I would recommend you breed for a Wooper that has max IV in the stats this Quagsire will use the most(Hp, Atk, Def, SpD).

Hope I helped!

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You still want that Speed IV. It won't ever affect you negatively.
^ There's no point to the speed IV. I get that it's a bonus, but to be honest Quagsire won't be outspeeding much. If you want to use a shiny in battle, you nearly always have to compromise the IVs.
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IVs generally are important in competitive battling, as breeding for them boosts your stats in battle a little higher, and every point counts in competitive battling.

IVs boost the affected stay by 1 point each. So say you have a Pokemon with a base defense stat of 95. This leaves you with a stat of 195, or 226 with perfect IVs! That's a 31 point increase, one for each IV. With EVs and a positive nature, this makes a stat of 317, which is over 100 points over the minimum stat.

As for your Quagsire, you're missing the two IVs a specially defensive Quagsire needs most: HP and Special Defense. I would breed for another Quagsire with IVs in HP, Attack, Defense and Special Defense. If you want it to be shiny, use the Masuda Method or get a Shiny Charm to increase your chances even further.

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You should still go for that speed IV. It won't ever affect you negatively.
Yeah thanks guys! and i have been using the Masudo Method and the shiny charm to get shinies since i completed the pokedex.