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The rarest wild encounter is encountering Surskit on Route 102. According to Bulbapedia, if you walk in the tall grass on Route 102, there is a 1% chance of encountering a Surskit.


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They all have the same percentage to appear?
Wait. Whoops. I need to edit this. Bulbapedia just gave me some knowledge.
What the heck? When I started playing ORAS for the first time, I encountered a surskit in my first try! Oh yeah, did i mention that I was doing nuzlocke as well?
I was shiny hunting Ralts but I see loads of Surskit, thought it was sooo common...
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Hmm.. There is no such Pokèmon, other than:

1) Pokèmon that cannot actually be found around Hoenn
2) DexNav exclusive Pokèmon, which is pretty rare, such as Growlthe for example

Other than legendaries, of course. (Maybe I'm wrong, but eh.)

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