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Out of all the pokemon games together, which one is the hardest to find in the wild?

EDIT: Read my question! I never meant legandary pokemon or pokemon that can never be caught! I meant normal pokemon that appear in the wild like dunsparce. Out of all of those pokemon with all the games together, which ONE is the rarest to find?

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I'd say Feebas. Four different tiles in a huge lake that change every day? Wow... At least you can get others to help you...

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i agree. it took me FOUR HOURS to catch one in platinum.
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Good Question......
I would say Tynamo because there is a 2% chance of getting it in Chargestone cave.
I got lucky and caught one before on bottom floor!

Hope this helps!!

ya he is hard to find i've been had black for a year and still never found it but yet i don't play it as much anymore :/
Actually, basement floor 2 has it at an 8% chance, which is higher than Pokemon such as Chansey. Chansey only has a 5% chance at most, with a 1% chance in most games. No saying Chansey is the rarest Pokemon, I haven't checked to see what is. What I am saying is Tynamo is not the rarest.
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I think it's munchlax in dppt
Slather honey on special trees and wait for 6 hours
Not many people have caught it yet, so the percentage is different in each site (0.01%-1%)

milotic is also very hard to catch
you have to go to route 1 and use super rod on bubbly spot, and have only 5% to catch
It took me 40 min to find one!