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I have landorus in OR and I'm stuck on which form to keep it at.
Landorus Incarnate has much better speed, but lacks in offense compared to Landorus T, also noting the only flying type moves he can learn are Fly and hidden power flying, so ground is his only reliable STAB.
Also noting, Landorus Incarnate has Sand Force, making his stab and coverage moves stronger.
My Landorus has a Jolly nature (+Speed, -Sp.Atk), so this could make up for lower speed a little bit.
What do you guys think?
I'm looking mainly for competitive strength as well.

Therian is more useful most of the time, because of Intimidate and offensive prowess. Incarnate is usually specially oriented, and yours is Jolly (no good that is). So all in all go with the Landoggy
I would suggest Choice Band Landorus-T, seeing as yours is Jolly. Balances power and speed quite well.
With a jolly Landorus, you are better off with Landorus-T, as it dals more physical damage. The choice scarf variant is the main Lando-T that uses a jolly nature.
Scarf uses Adamant more, in my experience :\

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It depends on what you like.

Incarnate Form:
This form is for people who like to equal out their attack - since his attack and sp. attack are fairly close. Also, he has great speed.

Therian form:
This form is for people who like to take a step up in their game. His attack greatly increase - this is a good thing since majority of his moves are physical. But, his speed decreases.

Both forms are good! I would prefer the "Therian Form" more, but the sudden decrease in speed is holding me back. So, I think you should choose "Incarnate Form", but not 100% - if you don't care about looks.

Hope I helped! :)