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When will I be able to get Landorus-T, Thundurus-T and Tornadus-T in Pokemon Dream Radar?

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You can get Tornadus-T in the Pokemon Dream Radar when you have 400 orbs(it takes a while)

You can get Thundurus-T when you have 800 orbs(at once, not in all)

And you can get Landorus-T when you have 1500 orbs


If you have any of the following games in your 3ds cartridge you can get these Hidden Ability Pokemon corresponding to the game:

Pokemon Diamond Version: Dialga(HA is Telepathy)
Pokemon Pearl Version: Palkia(HA is Telepathy)
Pokemon Platinum Version: Giratina(HA is Telepathy in Altered Forme, ability is Levitate in Origin Forme)
Pokemon HeartGold Version: Ho-oh(HA is Regenerator)
Pokemon SoulSilver Version: Lugia(HA is Multiscale)

Source: Experience

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Complete Eureka Extension Alpha [costs 400 Orbs] and collect 400 Dream Orbs.


Complete Eureka Extension Beta [costs 600 Orbs] and collect 1500 Dream Orbs.


Complete Eureka Extension Gamma [costs 800 Orbs] and collect 3000 Dream Orbs.

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