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I was wondering this for a while now, so I ended up here asking this question. This question also relates to every single Pokemon that has a separate weapon.


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I would guess no, because a large piece of steel would be pretty heavy, and I don't think a tough Pokemon like Gurrdurr would be very light. Also, this piece of info from Bulbapedia:
> It is known to usually carry an I-beam girder in its arms.

"Usually" means not always, so it would be possible to find girder-less Gurrdurrs, which would make sense, considering how the steel beam is not a part of it, but an object it carries around with it, like if a person took a particular object around with them for their whole life, it doesnt automatically become a part of them, since it would be possible to take it away.

So, I do not think that their weapons are part of their weight, since it is not a permanent part of them.

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Yeah but how many girders do you see that become concrete pillars after evolution lol
I would suppose they abandoned the girders for the concrete? Or maybe they have powers to turn the girders into concrete or something like that
O.O Harry, you're a wizard! It should be psychic type!
Maybe the girders are special and can change when touched after evolution
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I would say no.
Steel, from my knowledge, is very heavy. Gurdurr weighs only 88.2 pounds, so, if his weight did include the steel beam he is holding, the steel beam would be pretty light.
The steel beam is also not a part of him. He would probably be weighed when he is not carrying the beam.
But there is no actual proof that his weight does not include the steel beam
But really, only Gamefreak knows.

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