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It doesn't look that heavy.
Also its height (I think this is also size) is 2.1 m (6′11″) which isn't really. . . big

It’s 6 foot 11, quite big

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Mantine is similar to a manta ray, with some kite-like aspects. Its flying type seems to be a reference to flying rays, known as such due to their propensity for breaching. Since Remoraid, a Pokémon based on a rifle, often attaches itself to the undersides of Mantine's wings, Mantine may also be based on a fighter plane.


Manta rays are pretty heavy, with some getting upwards of 5,000 pounds. 220 kg is about 485 pounds, so... Manine is actually a lot lighter than what it's based on.

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Manta rays are already ridiculously big creatures: some of the biggest specimens are around 7 meters long (while the smallest ones are around 5 meters long), and as Giga-Blade X said, they're very heavy.
Mantine's very small compared to these behemonths: this lil' boy's around 2.1 meters long. So yeah: its weight's kind of OK for its small size.