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Hello! I need to know the Pachirisu move set that was used to win the doubles tournament because I would like to be OP. Thank you!

You do know you still have to have a high skill level to use it as effectively as Se Jun Park did right
Yeah, Pachirisu sucks from a general point of view. It worked for Se Jun in '14, but now we're in VGC '15. Landorus and friends have joined the party, plus new heavy hitters like Mega Salamence and Terrakion can slay Pachirisu. Clefable, Togekiss, Amoonguss and even Volcarona are probably all better that Pachirisu.
^Now that's a VERY gd point

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[email protected] berry
Ability:Volt Absorb
Evs:252 HP/252 Def/4 Sp.def
Impish nature
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But please,unless you are an experienced doubles competetive player,don't use it.It didn't win because it was OP,but because of its surprise factor and unpredictability.And also because of its user's experience in VGC,with his good prediction.

Don't forget to nickname it "Se Jun Spark".