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Everybody talks about Greninja having Water Shuriken as signature move, but it says Accelgor can.

They are both ninjas
Its like my question, there are some moves that are made for one pokemon, but another can learn it too. Example: Blaziken's Blaze kick can be learn by Hitmonlee.

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They Probably did it cause Greninja had 2 Sig moves. Water Shuriken and Mat Block. This does make it unfair to Chesnaught and Delphox who only have 1. Also Accelgor is a Ninja himself wo wynaut?

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What is delphox's?
Mystical Fire
I think Delphox should a signature protect move like the other 2.
Don’t forget Throh can learn mat block.
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Water Shuriken used to be Greninja's Signature Move prior to ORAS. GAME FREAK decided that because Accelgor is a ninja, he gets the move as well in ORAS.