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I was battling a Regirock with my Greninja. I keep using Water Shuriken. And suddenly, the Regirock Froze , how weird.But I don't know why. WHY?

either it is a glitch or you/someone must have hacked the game

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Are you using a DS or an emulator?

If you are using a DS, there could be a glitch or problem with you DS or cartridge, or the game is hacked.

If you are using an emulator, there may be a problem with your game file, or something is wrong with the cheats that you are using.

Some possible reasons :

  1. Your Greninja or that Regirock may be hacked.
  2. Your eyes could be playing tricks with you.

Also, You should provide more details of your game. I try to edit the answer.

Edit : As you said, you were playing an unofficial game/website. Well of course there will be errors or glitches since it is not official. If you still have problems, you should find the developer yourself and not ask questions about it on this site since this is not allowed.

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Wait there are no 3ds emulators, are there?
There is I think. On computer
Actually i was playing www.unovarpg.com on computer
Um, bud, I think you want want to read the rules again, because this is not allowed, to be honest:

>No unofficial games or websites: Only questions about official Pokemon games are allowed. There are hundreds of different unofficial games that come and go all the time and have many varying rules; we can't cater to them all. Go and ask on their forums if you have a problem. Two exceptions are Pokemon Online and Pokemon Showdown which are popular battler simulators.



It's a simple mistake this time, but please specify the game you're playing in future, and ensure it is part of the official Pokemon games. Thanks!
@ ~Rex Dude, that only applies to asking questions. I'm pretty sure comments and answers about non-official games/media are allowed just as long as it's relevant to the topic.
Edit: Nevermind, I forgot it was  SpringScare87 who asked the question. My bad :P
Sorry for the late response.