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I'm going to catch a Giratina, and I'm going to use Capture Power to raise my chance of catching it. Do O-Powers wear off while I'm battling Giratina?


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Each O-Power has a time limit. When the time limit reaches, it's no longer viable.
When you battle Pokemon, your time limit still continues. If your time limit is up, you will continue to battle the opposing Pokemon until you defeat it, or run. That way, when your back on controlling your character, it will say, your O-Power's time is up - and now you can use another one, of do anything else.

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I'm confused. MeGa_SePtile2 said that they do run out during battle. You are saying something opposite from what MeGa_SePtile2 said. I don't know who I should trust.
I've used O-Powers before. They continue or seem activated when battling, and then they tell you it wore off after the battle. Try Yourself!
Yeah, okay. I will go on your side if someone else agrees with you.
I edited my answer for better understnding
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Yes, they do. The time still runs down when in battle.
After the battle, if it is 3 minutes or longer the message will pop up saying that the O-Power has worn off.
Catch Giratina in 3 minutes or less, I also suggest that you get your capture Power all the way up to level 3 so you will have a higher chance of catching it before the 3 minute period is reached.
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