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Would the EV's be split or duplicated...?

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If you were training a pokemon by using the Exp. Share would the EV's won in battle be split between the two pokemon or duplicated to give both the amount that you would normally obtain from defeating it?

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Yes, it would be given individually to each Pokemon.
lf you KO a Poliwhirl (2 Speed EVs) your lead Pokemon would get the EVs, and every Pokemon with Exp. Share would get 2 as well.

But this doesn't apply to the Power ltems, like if your lead Pokemon is equipping the Power ltem for speed,
only your lead Pokemon would get 6 (2+4) EVs, while every other Pokemon with Exp. Share would get 2.

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Okay, let me explain the EXP Share to get EVS. Any experience you get through the EXP. Share is divided in half, so you'd think it would be the same for Effort Values right? Actually, you get the same amount of Effort Values for the battle as the Pokémon fighting it did. For example, a Mudkip had EXP. Share attatched to it and your Blaziken defeated a Carvanha, both would get 1 EV point. But if you have a Macho Brace or the Power Items, they won't be this way even if the battling Pokemon is holding. Basically they Duplicate. Hope this helps...

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The Exp. Share is a useful tool for EV-training more than one Pokemon simultaneously. This is because the Exp. Share gives the Pokemon all the base EVs gained from the Pokemon which has been defeated, even if the Pokemon does not take part in the battle. For instance, if a Flygon with a Macho Brace defeats a wild Pidgey, it would gain 2 Speed EVs. Suppose you have a Milotic in your party holding an Exp. Share. The Milotic would gain 1 Speed EV.

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