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I really have no idea about the title.So you can change it.

Im currently playing Pokemon X and wanted to EV train my Pokemon and breeded them to get the baby Pokemon which I needed.Currently I have a Pichu and Charmander with Jolly nature by breeding.
During a wild encounter assume a Pokemon gives 100 Exp. and if I send two Pokemon they both would share equally (i.e,) both will get 50 Exp. each and as the number of Pokemon is increased using in the battle the Exp. changes so.

Is this the same case with EV yeild?
I encountered a wild Pikachu while EV training my Pichu and Charmander,will they both get 2 SpeedEVs or will they be shared to get 1 Speed Evs for both?

Btw I know abt super training for EVs but I encounter wild Pokemon so that I can also level them up.

Thanks in Advance.

Is this question a dupe? I believe having two Pokemon sent out over the course of the battle is the same as having two Pokemon hold the EXP share, so I believe EXP would be split and EVs would be duplicated.
This is not a repeat because the first question asks about Exp. Share before it became a Key Item.

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First off, it's not evs that you need for the breeding, it's ivs. Ivs are a hidden stuff stats and cannot be manipulated whatsoever in gen six. Second, a Pokemon's exp yield is different from its ev yield. Here are the links to where you can read them in details


Finally, if you want to ev train, the best way to train in gen six is by horde battles. Get yourself some power items and give them to your Pokemon while you go poaching for the hordes. Here are some more link syou might find useful when ev training


PS: if the second link doesn't work, just google 'pokemon by ev yield' and the first thing that has the bulbapedia website is the one linked

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but this doesnt answer me completely and ik tht i wil get iv only by breeding.
i need abt ev yeaild if two pokemon r sent to battle
Well, unless you're planning to use the two mons, don't bother ev training them because ev can't be passed down from breeding. Also, I somehow forgot to mention, is that every pokemon's ev yield is different from its xp yield and you do not see it whenever you kill a pokemon. Refer to the second link I gave you. It has the ev yield whenever a certain species of pokemon dies
He's asking if the EV yield will be split between the Pokemon he's training or if they'll each get the full EV yield of a defeated Pokemon. You still haven't answered the question.
Oh forgot about that mb

No evs are not split they are all fixed even if the xp gained is split because ev yield is separate from xp yield