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So, flashback time!
One day, I encountered a Cacturne (I don't remember if it was a trainer battle or not) and it had spiky shield. I was surprised because I knew that Spiky Shield was Chesnaught's signature move.
Is this a glitch, or is this just my memory failing me and remembering things that didn't really happen?


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In ORAS, Cacturne was able to learn that move via level up at Level 32.
All of the Kalos starters sig moves(except Greninjas Mat Block) where made available to another Pokemon

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Also, who gets mystical fire?
Oh, okay
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The move might have been needle arm, which cacturne and cacnea get through level up. Furthermore, the chespin evolution line also have access to needle arm, which might be the cause of the confusion.

Thanks! But I checked the page and it says cacturne can learn spiky sheild