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So I was doing a wonderlocke and chose Bulbasaur as my 2nd starter so in turn I got the Venusaurite. BUT I recently received a Blastoise lv 54 and want to be able to mega evolve him since I have no mega on my team currently. After mass amounts of googling and playing I figured out a man in the stone emporium wil give it to me at a certin price and I successfully, using style points made the price go down to 10.000 pokedollars BUT that was for the Charizardite Y and after buying it he didnt give me an option for buying Blastiosinte please help.

All answers are appreciated

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How did you get blastoise after choosing bulbasaur?
Its a wonderlocke, so he probably got it from wondertrading
What is a wonderlocke
A nuzlocke where you get Pokémon from wonder trade

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He gives you two options. The same guy at the emporium will give you the two other starter megas, that you don't have. After, you should receive all 3 megas.
Here: http://www.serebii.net/xy/megaevolutions.shtml

Hope I helped! :)

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