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So, if I remember correctly, at the beginning of D/P you steal your first Pokemon in order to protect yourself from Team Galactic. But why did Gamefreak make it this way? Pokemon is for children that are around 6-12. Wouldn't Gamefreak at least once think "Maybe if we put this in our game for young children they might steal too." Is there a reason why Gamefreak put this part into the game instead of a more age appropriate scene?(that's the best way I can word it)


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First off, they didnt really steal them. Rowan and Dawn/Lucas left the breifcase there. You and your rival were curious and decided to go see what was in it. While looking you where attacked by wild Starly. You find pokeballs in the breifcase.Wouldnt you use those to defend yourself? Also after the battle, Dawn/Lucas comes back and takes the breifcase but leaves the Pokemon you and your rival used knowingly.

So they didnt steal them technically. They just used them for self defense and Rowan and Dawn/Lucas never bothered to take them back.

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Oh, so they were "borrowed."
those games were rather dark(compared to prior games) in their enemies motivations.  granted, x/y seems to have topped that.  i kinda miss the days of the simple thugs and their petty money making crimes.
So basically you're saying you prefer games with a worse story? e.e
not necessarily, but the "kill everyone who isn't use" or "destroy everything" is a bit dark for a game that is meant for both adults and kids.
Not really. Kids are really de-sensitized to almost everything now. Only the most purified kid ever will find it dark. Most kids won't even understand why it's dark. And the older audience probably appreciate it, the story is a great one in DPP. The X/Y story was pretty good too, just rushed and short. If they flushed it out like in DPP it would be even better,