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I'm getting bored of the game because I can't find anything else to do. Before you say finish the pokedex, I already did. Is there anything else you can do?

Also don't say " catch all the pokemon " because I caught most of them but just not the starters.
There is always competitive battling.

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Glad you asked!

Delta Episode

A great post-game quest, I think this would be strongly suggested by me to try out. Without spoiling, I can say you get a new Mega and also two legends. Here is a step-by-step guide, but it does have spoilers.

Contest Spectaculars

I think this is an unique feature of the game that might seem a bit boring, but is rewarding too. To start doing these, approach any contest spectacular building. They're the fancy ones in Lilycove, Slateport, Fallarbor and more areas. After beating your first contest, you'll get a nifty contest pikachu. You can also get cool items from fans when you beat high-ranked contests, and a special gift when you beat master rank in all contests. Beating all master ranked contests with one Pokemon also gets them a sparkling effect when they enter battle.

Make a cool secret base

Get some decorations and make the best secret base ever! While it is a little limited, you could make:
-A small house
-Your own gym
-A display of dolls
And more! You can also get secret pals, and some of them can even get you master balls. I think this would also be a nice thing to do.

There are many more things to do, like (as you stated) catching all the Pokemon, breeding/chaining shinies, EV train and breed to get the strongest Pokemon anyone could find, etc. The battle resort and wifi-battling might be interesting too, or you can just keep re-battling the elite four. Theres also restarting the game to do a nuzlocke or just to play though it again.
Hope I helped :D!

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thank you so much!
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There are quite a few things you can do.
You can go shiny hunting and WT the shinies you get. (If you want)
You can do online battling.
You can try to beat the battle maison on all battle types.
Try to collect all the mega stones, TMs, items, etcetera.
Do EV and IV training.
Close your eyes, pick six random Pokemon from your PC boxes, train them and try to beat the elite 4 with those Pokemon.
Organize your PC boxes.
Create tons of HM slaves and share your ideas on the internet.
Go on youtube, "look up ORAS glitches" and try to preform glitches in the videos.
Make up your own little games/quests.
Get all male and female of all Pokemon in your Pokedex. (if they have a gender)
Get all forms of Pokemon in your Pokedex. (Mega, other forms)
Get all shiny Pokemon forms in your Pokedex.
Create challenges for yourself

But really, it's up to you.
Hope I helped!